13.3h Morgan Cross Gelding

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Meet Cruze! 


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12yr old- Morgan Cross Gelding- Maintenance Free- UTD On Everything 

Cruze has been with us since the summer of 2021. He was the perfect mount for our learning (then) 13 year old rider.  

He is a great mount for anyone learning who is a confident rider! He steps out with our gaited horses so do not let his size fool you... He will not be the pony left behind. In fact, he will probably out walk most of your horses. 

Cruze would make the perfect mount for a learning confident teen! Barrels, poles, trails, lessons, small jumps, you name it and he will probably give it a try or has done it with us! 

For size reference, I am shown myself in the last photo and I am 5'6. Cruze is a little tank!

Cruze is not a kick ride. In fact, you don't need to kick him at all. 1 click- you're walking. An additional click- you're off and trotting. 1 kiss, even from a stand still, and you will be off and galloping! 


Drags things behind him

Knows his leads

Rides bareback

Picks you up and drops you off at the mounting block

Opens and closes gates

Side passes both ways

No buck, bite or rear- in fact you can slide off his butt and he'll stand like a prince should! 

Rides off perfectly alone on the trail or from your barn with no fuss. Also rides great in a group setting. 

While Cruze has a big step, he will ride anywhere in a group without issue. 

Crosses streams, rivers, climbs, you name it! 

Things to know about Cruze, he is not being advertised as a small child mount. His forward movement and responsiveness to queues may intimidate a newbie or a small kiddo.  He is being advertised to a teen or confident child who understands that Cruze is not a dead head. 

Cruze is NOT hot, nor does he act "hot" or "excited" even after a fast run at a speed show, through the field etc. He just moves out :)   He will walk on a loose rein and never go over the speed asked. But if you ask, he will go without hesitation. 


We can't wait to see what Cruze and his next partner can do! 

We have video upon video of this guy so don't hesitate to reach out! 

Contact Sarah at 616-318-3587 

Located in Middleville, MI