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Ranch Ambassadors

Each year we select either riders, events, or barns to sponsor. These sponsorships are what we refer to as our "Ranch Ambassadors".  

Our ambassadors are expected to uphold our standards of quality equine care, sportsmanship, thoughtfulness and integrity. 

Below we would love to introduce you to our 2021 Ranch Ambassadors! 


Beth Meyer

Beth Meyer is a certified John and Josh Lyons trainer. She has dedicated years to become a versatile trainer where she proudly serves in Hastings Michigan. Beth is passionate with helping riders find a horse who fits the needs of each individual and the needs of each and every horse. Beth enjoys teaching riders of every age and every level the 5 fundamentals, guide, give, frame, elevation, and position that every horse needs in a barrel race, reining pattern, Cross Country course, Dressage or Trail obstacles to name a few. If you don't find Beth teaching or training you will find her with her Morgan Horses. Beth's goal is to save this rare breed who soldiers relied on to carry them through battle. As Beth says, "The Morgan Horse is a horse who chooses you, and once your chosen the sky is the limit of how far a Morgan will take you".



Shasta Cole

Shasta Cole resides in Ionia Michigan. She is a member of Michigan Barrel Racing Association (MBRA), National Barrel Horse Association (NBHA), and International Barrel Racing Association (IBRA). Shasta and her Quarter Horse, MLS Royal Derecho hit the road almost every weekend. Her goal for this year is to make it to Nationals for at least one of the associations she runs with. As all barrel racers are competitive, Shasta is no exception. However, her goal is to improve her runs, cheer on her competitors, and always have fun doing it.

Interested in being a 2022 Ambassador? 
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Most sponsorships are catered to the riders, barn, or events needs. They may include monetary funds, free product, or product at reduced rates.