Welcome To Copper Head Ranch!

We are dedicated to overall equine health. We believe that health starts on the inside. Because of that, we offer  products to help maintain proper gut, muscle, joint, bone, skin, coat, hoof mane and tail health. 

We are passionate about each and every product we carry. If you see it for sale, that means we personally use the product with our own horses. We will never carry a product that we do not use. 

We also only carry American made products. That means, it starts and ends its manufacturing process in America. So you can shop confident that you are getting the best product from the best makers!

 Don't see what you are looking for from a manufacturer we carry? Reach out! We may actually have it in stock and just not have it uploaded to our shop yet. Many products are sold right off our small ranch and may not make it to the website. 

Thank you for choosing CHR for your equine health needs! 


Travis & Sarah - Copper Head Ranch Owners