Welcome To Copper Head Ranch!


Thank you for choosing our little ranch for your livestock needs!

Copper Head was started in 2017 as a hobby. 

We never thought we'd have all the customers and support that we do today, and we are so thankful. 

Our goal from the start has been to bring American made products to our small town at prices that are more affordable. 

Everything we have in our shop, we personally use. We will never carry a product we haven't tried, tested and loved. 


- A little about the owners- 

Sarah was raised around farm animals her entire life. Her family, being generations of farmers & livestock owners, always made sure she found herself on a farm somewhere. While Sarah wasn't raised with horses, she grew up always being on the back of one. No matter if it was the stray one at a random farm, a friends house, horse camps, or the once in a while summer lesson... in the saddle is where her heart always was!

Travis- well- was the opposite. Until he married Sarah (isn't that how it usually goes ladies? LOL!). While Travis's mom didn't have horses until later in his life, he never had an interest in them. An animal lover at heart, sure. But horses... those were "hay burners" in his eyes. Until one day he fell in love. And truly, he's never looked back. Travis now spends most of his free time training his young Rocky Mountain Horse, Vegas.  And riding with that horse crazy wife of his. 


You will find Sarah and Travis enjoying most of their time riding down south in Kentucky & Tennessee. They've fallen in love with the mountains and exploring trails. 


So if you don't find them at the ranch, you know up in the hills is where they will be. 



Travis & Sarah - Copper Head Ranch Owners 

Lynx- Sarah's 3 year old Rocky Mountain Gelding

Vegas- Travis's 4 year old Rocky Mountain Gelding