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Tangle Free

Copper Head Ranch


A beautiful owing mane & tail are not out of reach. Achieve a strong, silky, attractive mane & tail with DAC's TANGLE FREE treatment. Instantly detangles and strengthens weakened or brittle hair while working to keep a natural healthy shine on any length or coarseness of hair. Its moisture, volume, and smoothing features adds to the manageability and ease of brushing and grooming. A sure crowd pleaser to use everyday or as needed. 


  • Makes mane and tails more manageable for braiding
  • Smooths y-a-ways
  • Silk protein strengthens hair 
  • Promotes shine and forms a protective barrier on the skin and hair itself.

    • Structure of the protein allows greater re-ection and a pearl-like luster.
    • Coats the skin and hair follicle, protecting the surface from damaging free-radicals. 
*Massage a small amount (dime to nickel size) of TANGLE FREE into your horse's mane or tail and comb through. Continue to apply as you brush until tangles are eliminated. Works on dry or wet mane. *